Why Wear Yoga Socks?

So why wear Yoga socks? Yoga practitioners often complain that their feet become very sweaty during yoga practice. This can lead to problems maintaining poses hindering their ability to get the most out of their workout. Yoga socks are used to help the practitioner improve stability to improve their balance & posture, therefore leading to more confidence on the mat.  

Wearing Yoga socks reduces germs

Fitness magazine wrote an article about the hidden dangers of microbes on Exercise Mats that can cause skin infections, colds and flu, athlete’s foot and even hepatitis A.  By wearing full toe Yoga socks will create added protection barrier for your feet to help negate these nasty microbes touching your skin.  

An ideal sock is one that provides 5 toe cover & full underfoot grip whilst mirroring the performance of being bear footed. For your ideal Yoga socks visit Promax Fitness  

why wear yoga socks