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Yoga socks are specially designed to avoid slipping and create greater stability in the poses. They often come in various styles and colors. The yoga socks help with posture, including to help strengthen and extends the toes and feet, providing a better base and landing in the practice of asanas. Purists argue that Yoga socks create a barrier between the ground and yogi but many yoga trainers and practitioners are advocating wearing these socks for the reasons mentioned above.

The main benefits of wearing Yoga Socks are as follows      
  • It helps in Relief of foot pain.
  • It helps in the Strengthening of the foot.
  • Effective yoga exercise.
  • Fashion in yoga
  • A wide range of prices.
  • Reduces the risk of catching foot fungus
  Promax Fitness cater for Yoga Sock UK women’s size 5-7.5. For Yoga socks, copper fit knee sleeves and many more fitness products please check out our range of products.

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For a limited time only, all of our products are 10% off! Don’t miss your chance to save on these wonderful items